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Website loading time is a significant factor in the success of every business website. All internet browsers expect to find the information they are looking for in seconds. The user will not wait for a long time to view a site, they will leave your website and go elsewhere to find the search result.

Google will not list a site which takes much time to load, so faster loading website is actually a ranking factor for Google. If your site is optimized to load quickly, you will also be improving your chances of getting ranked higher by Google.

Users are expecting to be able to navigate pages quickly, slow pages increase bounce rate and reduces the conversion rates. Thus your website speed extremely impacts your bounce rate and SEO rankings.

Most online users will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and they believe that the site is slow due to a vulnerability. To change this fallacy and maximize their attention, your pages should load as quickly as possible.

Images are a key element of every website and are the main contributors for slow loading websites. Most of the websites should emerge with high-quality images for engaging customers, but they can drag down the site speed. Boost your website speed by optimizing images, reduce redirects, enable caching and use a simple website design

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